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If you already have a domain name and hosting or wish to hire it on your own, we will deduct from the total cost of your project the domain and server that we have not hired.
Define the pages your project will have. Remember that your website will be self-managed so you can keep adding new pages in the future. The first ten pages are already included.
Once your project is finished, you will have the opportunity to assess that all your expectations are met and if you have details to adjust, you can let us know through the revisions. The first revision is already included.

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Following your indications and suggestions

Here is a sample of our work.
WordPress Themes created by our team of developers: Ivy, Baikal, Houdini y Zazil.

How does it works?

You put the inspiration and we put the rest

Share your ideas with us

Talk to our developers over the phone and share the goals you seek to achieve with your website. Based on your feedback, our developer will show you website designs to choose from and ask for the content to publish. If you don't have the content, we also help you create it.

It's time to create

Once the design has been selected and the content defined, our developers will create your website as quickly as possible, always attending to all the technical details, such as loading speed and correct display on mobile devices. Once ready, we will ask you to review it and once reviewed, your new website will be published on the internet, ready for the world to see!

Do you need new changes?

If in the future you have new content to add or parts of your website that you would like to change. No problem, we are available to help you. All of our websites come with 15 days of technical support included and for later changes, we have low hourly rates. Pay only what you need.

Why choose Misho Studio?

We have more than 15 years of experience
Personalized attention

Attention to your project is not only through forms. Our attention is from person to person. We listen to your concerns and respond to them right away.

Expert professionals

We have been developing projects for the Internet for more than 15 years and we will take advantage of all that experience acquired on your website. Your project is in good hands.

Profitable prices

Our work is only charged once and you are the sole owner of your website; allowing you to maintain full control over your information and not pay monthly fees or sales commissions.

Scalable projects

If you want to add new functionality to your website in the future, you will be able to do so without any hassle and we are ready to help you through the process.

Your website includes

All the tools to boost your online success
Responsive design

Tablets, cell phones, laptops, desktop computers. Your website must be displayed efficiently on all devices.

Google indexing

We list your website on Google so you can start climbing in search results right from the start.


Discover your audience. Get detailed metrics of the profile of the users who visit your website.

Speed optimization

Your audience does not wait, the loading times of each page of your website have to be immediate.

Search engine optimization

Google must be able to understand your website without complications. If Google loves your website, more people will discover your business.


The art of telling Google which part of your website to index as the most relevant.

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Frequently asked questions

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What do I need to start a project? ▼

The conceptual idea and objectives of your website. Based on these ideas, we will send you proposals from which you will select the project that we will carry out.

Will my e-commerce include transaction fees? ▼

No. You pay us to create your online store and nothing else. You maintain full control over your earnings.

Are the websites self-managed? ▼

Yes. You can add more content on your own without coding.

How do I check the progress of my project? ▼

When you register you will have access to your control panel from which you will be able to see all the evolution of your project and get in touch with your assigned developer.

We are ready to be part of your team

Hire an expert to create your website. We are ready to help you. Contact us for a free consultation where we can answer your questions.

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